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Although you can visit any Sushi restaurant and enjoy fresh, delicious food, another option is to learn how to make Sushi at home.  For some reason, many people feel intimidated when it comes to making Sushi but in reality, the process is not complicated and the results will be exactly as you would find in a Sushi restaurant.  Just imagine having a dinner party and serving fresh, homemade Sushi! 

There are three types of Sushi – Narezushi, Hayazushi, and Namanarizushi.  The most commonly served is Hayazushi, which is what you find in Sushi rolls and the type of Sushi most often sold in restaurants.  To make Sushi, you do not need expensive equipment and any specialty spices can be purchased at most grocery stores.  If needed, you can locate an Asian store where you live to find the various things you need or order online. 

To get started, you will need to set out the things needed to make your Sushi: 

  • Bowl of water containing three lemon slices
  • Bamboo Sushi roll mat
  • Sharp knife
  • Clean cutting board
  • Pack of roasted seaweed
  • Clean, wet hand towel
  • Cooled Sushi rice
  • Bowl of wasabi made from one part water and one part wasabi powder (condiment)

Using your knife and cutting board, cut the seaweed in half.  Roll it out on the front end of the bamboo mat.  Moisten your hands with the lemon water, take 5 ounces of rice, and form it into the shape of a rod.  Spread the rice from left to right onto one-half of the seaweed.  Moisten your hands again and use the wet towel to wipe them off, which will be done each time after handling the rice. 

Leaving about 1/2-inch at the top of the seaweed spread the rice out evenly, leaving a slight groove in the center.  This groove is where you will place the fish or vegetables.  Moisten and wipe your hands again.  Next, place the strip of fish or vegetables of choice in the groove.  Carefully, lift and roll the front end of the bamboo mat to the other end of the rice, pressing slightly. 

Now roll the mat from the other end.  The 1/2-inch space you left will be sealed with the other end of the seaweed.  Next, press the mat lightly at the center, sliding your hands down to the ends.  Gently remove the mat and press both ends of the seaweed to create a tight seal.  To serve, use the sharp knife to cut into 3/4–inch pieces, creating a round circle filled with fish and/or vegetables. 

For professional chefs, you will find that Sushi comes in a variety of shapes, each a personal signature of the chef’s skill.  After you have some practice in making Sushi, you too can create your own signature shape if you like.  Remember to be patient.  While making Sushi is not difficult, it does require getting used to.  If you find that you and the rice are having a battle and the rice is winning, just remember to remoisten your hands and wipe them on the towel. 

To serve your Sushi, there are three primary condiments: 

  1. Soy Sauce – This condiment is healthy and the perfect choice if your Sushi has fish, as it will help to bring out the natural flavors
  2. Wasabi Paste – If you like hot and spicy, you will love Wasabi Paste.  This appears as a green glob but it is actually made from horseradish and is not for the faint of heart.
  3. Pickled Ginger – This condiment should not be eaten with fish.  Actually, the pickled ginger is used to cleanse the palette if you are eating a variety of Sushi types.  As you finish one variety, you take a very small bite of the pickled ginger and then move on to the next variety of Sushi.

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