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About Us

Who we are ...
Uncommon Treasures deals in Arts & Crafts from Around the World. We currently offer products from 35 different countries and continue to add to our product line.

We have been in business since 1995 and operate several websites as well as a retail store and warehouse.

Our order processing and shipping area was custom designed and built to provide an assembly line style workflow which enables us to ship 99% of our orders within one business day. We even have a gift wrap section and can professionally wrap your purchase and/or include a gift card for you.

A Commitment to Customer Service Excellence...

We are a member of RatePoint and maintain an excellent track-record for providing the best customer service available. We are a Confirmed and Verified Business member of PayPal and have been for over 10 years. We have completed thousands of transactions. We are an active member of the Better Business Bureau of Central Maryland and have a current rating of A+.

What we do ...
Our goal is to bring our customers the best Arts & Crafts from around the world. We are constantly searching for new and unique handcrafted items to add to our selection of products. The volume at which we are able to purchase and the fact that we buy as close to the source as possible generally results in considerably lower prices than you will find elsewhere. Our prices are usually about half of what you would pay in other retail stores. You may find a similar item available at a lower price on another website, but we have found that this is generally because it is of a lesser quality or the shipping rate is inflated to make up the difference. If you find a lower price on an identical item, let us know and we will do our best to match it.
Where we are ...
We are located in Towson, Maryland.
Our address is: 8803 Orchard Tree Lane / Towson MD 21286
Our phone number with Maryland is 410-561-6324
Toll-Free from anywhere in the US or Canada at 1-888-846-7436

Our Winter Store Hours are Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

Fair Trade Fair Prices
Over the years, we have developed and maintained very strong relationships with the artists and workshops that create our products. They know that we expect only the best for our customers and they know that they will receive a fair price for their work. Because of this, we are able to buy their best work while other businesses are left choosing from the leftovers. We believe that if it is not a fair trade for everyone, it is not a fair trade.

We also work with various Fair Trade vendors and Cooperatives around the world to acquire items in areas that we are unable to visit personally. This ensures that the artists are paid and treated fairly.

Currency is a very powerful tool when traveling the world and purchasing artwork from native people with little experience in dealing with the world of business. It is very easy for someone to buy handcrafted artwork from a person in need of money, at a fraction of what it is worth and unfortunately, people do it all the time. We would never consider using our purchasing power to take advantage of these situations, even if it means higher prices or less  profits.

Preserving Wildlife
We are licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Department to import and export products made from natural materials, and have been for over a decade. We do not deal in products made from endangered species. Every shipment is inspected to ensure that the material used is from a renewable source that does not damage the environment or threaten the long-term survival of any species of animal or plant.

Many of our products are inspected by International Wildlife inspectors prior to shipment to us and again by the US Customs Service and US Fish & Wildlife upon arrival. We then conduct additional inspections to make sure nothing slipped through that may be illegal or jeopardize wildlife or habitat.

There are species within most types of animals and plants that are endangered. Certain types of wood, coral, and animals just to name a few. Some of the products we carry may contain materials, such as coral, that are strictly controlled by both species and the area in which they are sourced. These products are purchased only from reputable companies that are regulated and inspected to make sure that they are from a source that will not damage the habitat or endanger the species.


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8803 Orchard Tree Lane | Towson, MD | 21286
In Maryland 410-561-6324 | Toll-Free US & Canada 888-846-7436

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