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Decorating and Feng Shui 

Fengshui-the ancient science of tapping in the qi-energy has suddenly gained prominence globally. Even skeptical westerners are falling for it hook, line and sinker. World renowned Masters trot the globe as consultants to impart valuable knowledge to wannabes. Dragons, Buddha’s, pagodas, wind chimes et al. glut the markets and most homes and even offices resemble miniature China town! Welcome to the world of Fengshui. 

Even plants, water, brass plates, bells, mud are all used as decoration in Feng shui. Based on the kua or the birth date, these decorations can be placed in a certain sector, facing the individual’s best direction. This ensures he gets what is already freely available in nature!  

The most important aspect of Feng shui is not to clutter the space. Be it office or home you need the energy to flow in and out freely. A laughing Buddha smiling at you at the entrance to the home is a welcome sign. Wind chimes tinkling in the wind play soothing music to the ears and create an ambience of peace at home. A little mini flute made of bamboo can remove the negativity from your home and help the positive energy to flow in. A water fountain at your fame or wealth corner can enhance your life considerably.  

Even plants play a major role in Feng shui. Bamboo also known as dracaena is a green growing plant which can be kept in a bowl of water anywhere in the house or office. If it is a commercial establishment then it is better to place it at the cash counter. This indicates growth and prosperity. The same goes for money plant also. If you have a kitchen garden or a lawn try and keep flowering plants in plenty. For those of you in high rise a box at the kitchen counter or on the window sill or indoor plants will do wonders. Try and balance the yin and yang of Feng shui in your garden by contrasting the texture of rock and water. Plants on the terrace or doorway attract the vital energy into your house. 

Last but not the least the décor plays a major role in decorating your house. Colors have a soothing effect on our minds. A light or pastel shade will give the room an airy appearance as well as pleasant to the eyes. Avoid red and dark colors as they are harsh and irritate people’s eyes. A pastel shade may uplift your spirits and keep you in a good mood. 

In home décor when you are choosing colors to paint your living room choose a bright color as you will be entertaining people there. For a bedroom choose light and mellowed colors to soothe your mind. Hang some romantic paintings or wall hangings on the wall opposite to the bed.  

Do not keep items which have no use in the house. Get rid of them. Unnecessary chi is getting collected there and unable to flow out. Follow these simple steps of Feng shui to lead a healthy living. 
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